15 weeks

Happy to report that Gavyn has made a lot more friends and is enjoying school…well I wouldn’t go that far. He is feeling overwhelmed by the amount of math and reading homework that is assigned every night. This school is much different than his last. It focuses solely on reading, writing, math, and science and is very by the book. No hands on projects and out of the box thinking. Gavyn is very much an “out of the box thinker” so hopefully he can excel in this type of environment. But he is enjoying the playground (he has never had one before) and not having to wear a uniform. Oh the little things in life.

As far as Lennon…he is 14 pounds and is a smiling machine. His little personality is starting to form and it’s a blast. I am so grateful to wake up next to his smiling face every morning. He rolled over from his belly to his back for the first time last Sunday (Sept 21). At his 14 week mark I got the first laugh out of him while holding him upside down kissing his belly. He LOVES, I mean LOVES, bath time. He can be in the worst mood but once you put him in the tub he is all smiles. He still hates the car but he is starting to sleep for the first half of the night in his crib instead of on me which is so nice. My back was killing me.

Here are a fews photos of Len that I got yesterday.



12 weeks

Time is moving at warped speed. Lennon is 12 weeks and a lot has changed and happened since I last wrote. Gavyn is back and we couldn’t be more excited about that. He started 4th grade at Alki Elementary. The first 3 days were filled with anxiety which is totally expected but we just hope it gets easier for him soon. This town is very established so the kids that go to his school have been with each other from the beginning. So Gav has to break through long time friendships which, understandably, could be a challenge. I know Justin and I feel the same way and we are adults. Seattle has this thing called the “Seattle freeze” which simply means people have established friendships and  they don’t need any more so it is hard to get to know people beyond surface deep. We have heard from numerous people that this is true. To be honest all it does is make me miss San Diego even more than I already do. I miss meeting and getting to know new people. I miss Gavyn’s old school and the parents that I got to know and become friends with and the regular customers I got to know at the cafe. Hopefully something will give for him and for us. Anyone to befriend Gavyn is a lucky little person.

My parents, sister, and brother came to visit for 10 days which was great. We hadn’t seen each other in over 2 years so it was long overdue. Not to mention when we saw each other before it was jam packed with kids and other conflicting schedules. So as far as having a concentrated amount of time together…well we haven’t had that since we all lived at my parents house. I guess that is one up side to moving away (to have those concentrated times together). It was nice. Every night I went to bed to the sounds of my brother snoring and waking up to the sounds of my brother and Gavyn wrestling and being “boys”. Also to my sister watching Mike and Kelly and all her other morning shows. My parents would arrive and we would eat breakfast together as they fought over who was going to hold the baby. A lot has changed in the 4 years that we have been gone but there were moments I felt like no time or distance had passed. My parents made a true effort to get all their kids together and have a good time and they succeeded.

Well here are a few photos from our trip to Mt. Rainier.

Mt. Rainier-5Mt. Rainier-4Mt. Rainier-2Mt. Rainier-3Mt. Rainier-6


Mt. Rainier-7Mt. Rainier-8Mt. Rainier-9Mt. Rainier-10Mt. Rainier-11


We were so high that we were actually in the clouds. So incredible. Oh and that mountain air is soooo refreshing!!


Lennon at 6 weeks

Well we are 6 weeks in…

Lennon and I are starting to get used to the world outside of my belly. For the past 6 weeks he only likes to sleep on my chest. If you lay him down on his back he immediately wakes up. We have tried every trick in the book but nothing has worked (I guess he loves his mama ;) ). Needless to say my back hurts and I am tired but man do I love this little being so I will deal. Gavyn is in Pittsburgh for a month and I was hit with reality when I realized I didn’t have him here to watch Len while I took a shower. So now I have to wait til Justin gets home from work. We miss Gav a lot and not just because he helps us but because he completes our family.

A few things about Lennon so far…

  • Saturday, July 27, we got the first real smile out of Lennon. Hands down best feeling EVER!!!
  • The song Ho Hey! by The Lumineers is his favorite song. He could be in the middle of screaming but the moment he hears this song he stops crying and falls asleep. We are trying to get a video of this happening for everyone to witness but we, at least, had friends witness this event on Saturday. They were amazed!  We don’t want people to think we are making this up. I didn’t even know who the Lumineers were until a few weeks ago but man am I grateful I found them when I did…they are a life saver! He is very particular about the music we listen to. I am happy to report he is more into my style than Justin and Gav’s.
  • Lennon hates his carseat…HATES!!!
  • At his final appointment with the midwives he weighed in at 11.12 pounds. What can I say…he loves his milk!
  • He really enjoys to pull my hair. I think holding on to it gives him security.

I borrowed a friends macro lens to document Lennon’s little features. I don’t want to forget any part of his little face.

6 week old Lennon-2 6 week old Lennon-4 6 week old Lennon-5 6 week old Lennon-7 6 week old Lennon-9 6 week old Lennon-11 Len

Our little love.


5 day old Lennon 6.16.13-145 day old Lennon 6.16.13-165 day old Lennon 6.16.13-125 day old Lennon 6.16.13-175 day old Lennon 6.16.13-19gav&len5 day old Lennon 6.16.13-27Momma&Len

I plan to write our birth story within the next few days but for the time being I wanted to post a few photos I took yesterday (Father’s Day). All I can say is that this experience has been incredible. All 3 of us fall more and more in love with this man everyday.

Finally Settled!

Although there are still a few boxes in our garage that need unpacked, I am happy to report we are finally settled into our new home. Throughout this whole journey, this month has definitely been the roughest. I am not ashamed to say I had a few melt downs along the way but I am blaming most of that on the hormones mixed with the loads of stress moving brings. Anytime Justin and I are faced with a new situation (like moving) things work out in very strange but similar ways. It is always a series of events that put us to our limit and then reels us into the best outcome at the last second. I guess it is hard to explain but we are grateful because in the end we always come out a little stronger and a closer family unit. Gavyn has been such a trooper through this whole move. We have made it our personal mission to make it as easy and fun for him. So making 2 trips to the EMP (Experience Music Project Museum), trading in our Wii for an XBOX so he can play Mindcraft, and going to Menchies (a killer frozen yogurt shop) on Wednesday’s for free waffle bowl day has been at the top of our list since moving. Not to mention the hotel we stayed for 2 weeks had a pool, hot tub, and an ‘all you can’ eat breakfast buffet…which he took part in daily.

Homeschooling has been pretty great considering he stays in his pajamas for most of the day. I wouldn’t say I am the most amazing teacher but I liked to think I am making learning fun!


Here is Gavyn in front of the EMP for our field trip.


Here is a photo of us after going grocery shopping with all of our stuff packed in the car on the way to week 2 at the hotel. We were so shoved the only place for the eggs was the dashboard.


As you can see, these 2 were NOT thrilled.

Once we found a place to live the next important thing on our list was to find a place to have this baby. We toured a birth center within a hospital but I just wasn’t comfortable so we met with 2 really great midwives that practice together. So when you hire one you actually get 2 the day of the birth. Justin, Gav, and I met with them 2 Saturday’s ago and loved them. They explained how they do things and made us feel so comfortable that as long as our insurance gets worked out we will be choosing them to deliver the baby at a nearby free standing birth center. Similar to what we were going to do in San Diego except we had to find our own midwives here in Seattle and in San Diego they were already employed by the birth center. I attended my first prenatal yoga class on Mother’s Day and it was PERFECT! I felt so comfortable being surrounded by other pregnant woman just talking about what becoming a mother meant to us individually. I think I missed the cut off for almost every birthing class in Seattle so I was grateful to learn a few breathing techniques from the yoga class.

The few things that have changed:

- I am pretty sure I have been experiencing Braxton Hicks and I dislike!

- I miss laying on my back and stomach.

- Sleeping through the night is impossible.

- Nesting is in full effect!

32 weeks

32 weeks


My belly button popped!



Photos for your viewing!

A few things…

  • I got news today that my iron came UP!!! I needed this good news more than you know.
  • We got pushed back a week on our move. So we will now be departing San Diego this Thursday coming up.
  • We still have yet to find a place to live. EEK!

On Easter we went to Rachel and Joe’s to have lunch, spend time with Rachel’s mom who is in town, and also be apart of Jane’s first Easter. After lunch we decided to go to this great canyon by their house to snap a few family photos (Thank you Rachel). It is becoming more apparent that we have no idea what to do infront of the camera…or maybe it is just me.

I don't even know what is happening.

I don’t even know what is happening.26 weeks-Easter 2013-526 weeks-Easter 2013-326 weeks-Easter 2013-426 weeks-Easter 2013-726 weeks-Easter 2013-6

We will keep everyone updated on our move as it comes.

Moving on and up!

Sorry we haven’t written in awhile…things have been insane the last few weeks.

I will start from the beginning…

The moment we found out I was pregnant we knew this came with big changes. Not the standard changes that most couples face but the extreme ones. After putting Gavyn in a daycare when he was little we vowed to NEVER do that again (just not for us). Not to mention I would be working to pay a daycare instead of watching my own child. So Justin began the job hunt here in San Diego. After applying to, what seemed like, a million jobs and going on a few interviews we were quickly realizing the job market isn’t here for what Justin does. The few jobs he did find weren’t willing to pay what he should be making in the industry. So after spending countless nights talking this situation through we decided to look elsewhere. I had recently went to Seattle for a training and convention for work and got the inside scoop from Josh and Heather (our family/friend) that Seattle is where all the tech jobs are. I don’t know if they realized what they were doing but they planted a seed at that moment. I went home and told Justin everything they said and how it could be an option one day. Who knew that option would be so soon. I found out I was pregnant a month after visiting Seattle and everything changed from there. With help from Heather, her brother, and TEK systems (a head hunting company) Justin started applying to jobs in Seattle and finally found THE job. He was offered a job doing what he wants to do, one that he can grow with and has a lot of potential. It has been a rough few weeks trying to figure out if this would be the right move. We have Gavyn in such a great school and I have such an amazing job. One that is extremely caring and flexible. One that I don’t actually consider a job because I genuinely enjoy going to it almost everyday. San Diego wasn’t just a place for us to escape the cold weather. All 3 of us have grown so much, we have learned to love deeper, and have met some of the most incredible people. People that have helped open our eyes to life beyond what we ever knew. Not to mention my best, best friend just had a baby and from the moment I found out I was pregnant I was elated that our kids could be best friends and grow up together. I really don’t want to leave all this BUT a new life awaits in Seattle.

We move in 2 weeks!! Between trying to find a way to move all our stuff, sell a car, finding a place to live in Seattle, figuring out Gavyn’s school situation (we are homeschooling him the last 2 months), and finding a new birth center I feel comfortable with, life has been BEYOND stressful. I have been battling with my emotions the last few weeks, having absolutely no control over them. I cry over everything. The thought of leaving just about rips my heart out but I know this is for the better. It is a new adventure. Our new life awaits. I am going to be able to stay at home and raise my child. I never pictured myself as a stay at home mom but Justin keeps saying that I may love it and that things will change once I hold the baby for the first time. I don’t doubt him but I am just being honest and saying I never pictured myself in this roll. I am excited to see what life has in store for us but until then we need to pack up, yet again, and leave our comfort zone.

Since we won’t be able to go back to Ohio for a baby shower Justin and I put together a small registry on amazon.com for the people that have asked us what we need. We plan to keep things extremely simple and not buy unnecessary things so there isn’t much. Plus we have bought quite a bit on our own.

Here is the link to our registry: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/baby/ref=gno_listpop_br

20 week blood work update…

22 weeks

22 weeks

So I guess a lot has happened since the last time we wrote. The biggest and greatest thing that has changed is the aerobics classes that start around 9:30pm every night. I didn’t know we signed up for such classes but apparently it is a great workout. Ha! All kidding aside it is an indescribable feeling, a feeling that I have heard countless woman talk about, but finally get to experience. The feeling of a real live human growing/moving inside you…CRAZY!

On a less exciting note. Gavyn had been sick for a good 2 weeks. His classroom was one big germ fest and there was nothing we could do to keep him from becoming infected with all these germs. So inevitably he was sick and so graciously passed it on to me. I was sick from Saturday to Tuesday 2 weeks ago. Actually having to leave work early and call off the next day. Thank goodness for honey, decaffeinated lemon ginger tea, and a lot of sleep I, thankfully, got over it pretty quick.

On Valentine’s Day I had my 20 week prenatal appointment…the one I was dreading. I knew at this appointment I had to get more blood drawn to see if my iron numbers came up at all. After doing pretty much everything I was instructed to do, I was confident that my numbers came up. So after meeting the second of four midwives (Vanessa) and asking more questions like “Why am I waking up at 3 in the morning with the most uncomfortable feeling in my right big toe, so uncomfortable that it is waking me up from a sound sleep and making it difficult to fall back asleep” (She said I am low on magnesium…who knew?). Gavyn and I got to hear the heart beat which was strong and healthy and then on to the blood work we went.  Every time I give blood I feel like I deserve a treat for getting myself through it. So because I gave blood and it was Valentine’s Day we went to one of our favorite restaurants and then had dessert at Babycakes (a killer cupcake place). We all got a different flavor so we could split them once we got home. All in all a perfect Valentine’s if you ask me.

Two weekends ago it spiked to 80 degrees so we took a much needed trip to the beach.  After realizing how cold the water was Justin and Gav decided to make a sand castle on the beach while I read.



The other day I received the results from my blood work and sadly my numbers DROPPED!!! I could have just crawled in a hole and cried but I didn’t. My numbers went from 10.7 to 10.1. The midwife did say that almost all woman see a decline in iron in their second trimester and by the third they start to come up. With a few more suggestions on how to get more iron I can only remain optimistic and confident that I can get my numbers up. I have never cared so much about something and it is extremely frustrating when you can’t do much about it.

This past weekend we were finally able to go to Big Bear. It only took us 2 months to get there. Big Bear is at the top of a huge mountain, with extremely windy roads. They close the roads or put restricts on vehicles allowed to drive up the mountain depending on how bad the road conditions are. It seems like every time I had a weekend off and we planned to go they would have a huge snow storm which kept us from getting to the top. But all the waiting was over. Justin was able to teach Gavyn how to snowboard and they had such a great time. I just sat at a table reading my birthing book and meeting a lot of really nice people who were interested in what I was reading.

We stopped to take in the incredible view.

We stopped to take in the incredible view.

End of day Euphoria.

End of day Euphoria.

Shoved in my winter coat.

Shoved in my winter coat.


Drive home. Extremely sleepy.

Drive home. Extremely sleepy.

Rachel and sweet baby Jane (Rachel’s new little peanut) came to visit us this week and Gavyn was able to get some much needed practice in. He said “You need to teach me how to hold a baby” , he is going to be the sweetest big brother. Jane was fascinated with Gavyn…she just wouldn’t stop staring!!

photo (9) Things that have changed:

- I am definitely showing. Regular customers at work keep asking to touch my belly. What is the fixation about touching pregnant woman’s belly’s anyway?

- I am feeling a lot of movement.

- No extreme cravings…YET!

Cafe Virtuoso-9

Be sure to vote on the homepage what you think the weight of the baby will be. I, of course, want a petite little guy!


Yesterday was the day!!!

Let me explain a few things before I go on to say whether we will be having a boy or girl…

I will be the first to admit, I was not the nicest and easiest teenage girl out there. My mood swings were crazy and I did my fair share of back talking. The agony I have caused has definitely been confirmed, by both my parents, numerous times over the years. My mom always wished that I would have a girl someday so I would know how it feels to be treated in such a manner. Not only did I not want a girl because of that, I am not much of a girly girl, princess-y, pink wearing kind of girl. I knew if I had a girl this could potentially be a struggle. Justin has expressed his desire to have another boy and as far as Gavyn goes that is a whole different story. Gavyn has a preconceived notion that if we were to have a girl that they would fight all the time. He watches his friends fight with their sisters and he thought that our family would be the same. So he has definitely made his stance loud and clear on whether he wants a brother or sister. So going into this ultrasound knowing we all wanted a boy (would have been happy either way) we pretty much knew because of karma we were having a girl. Ready for whatever the outcome, we watched the large tv screen in front of us to see if the ultrasound tech could even get a glimpse of anything. Well this is what we got…




So now that you know the back story you can understand our excitement when we found this out.   The whole day Gavyn just kept saying “I can’t believe it’s a boy!!”, “I can’t believe I am going to have a brother”. We ran to Babies “R” Us for a blanket and saw they had clothes on sale so we, of course, started looking and Gavyn was being so funny picking out clothes for his brother. As far as Gavyn is concerned this child will be wearing green skinny jeans and playing the bass or drums in his band. Justin and Gav have already planned jams sessions for this child.

So I guess it is just me and Josie left to run this house…


Well there is definitely a baby growing in there…

17 weeks-2

By now, anyone who is looking at this site knows that we are expecting.  Because we are so far away from our family and friends, we thought making a website would be the perfect way to keep everyone informed…

At this point Julie is 4 months in, and we have already had one ultrasound in a moderately out of date doctor’s office, but still had an amazing experience.  All three of us crowded around a 5 inch monitor to witness the very first images of our newber (newber is the term Gavyn uses to describe his new sibling).

16 weeks

Although we want Gavyn to be a part of every aspect of this experience, we found ourselves having to ask him to exit the room while some general inspections (internal exams) were performed on Julie.

Maybe we should back up and start from the beginning…

Julie has always been really squeamish about going to the doctor. She knew there would be a lot of hard decisions to make the day she found out she was pregnant. Since California is just a bunch of hippies running around naked and smoking pot, we knew that we would probably find something to accommodate our fear of the doctor- HAHA!!  We were referred to a stand alone birth center (a great in-between facility for families that like the idea of a home birth, but don’t want to mess up their own sheets at home) literally minutes from our house.  So since Julie couldn’t get an appointment at the birth center before the holidays, we decided to go to the birth centers backup physician, who is a traditional OBGYN. Which is where we got our first look at the babe! This past Tuesday Julie and Gavyn were able to go to the birthing center to meet with the first of four midwives and listen to the baby’s heart beat.  After talking to the midwife and asking a laundry list of questions, Julie felt comfortable and optimistic about delivering there.  After getting her first set of blood work results back we got a call that Julie is anemic and needs to get her iron numbers up or she will be unable to deliver here. Since Julie is determined to deliver at the birth center she has made it her person goal to figure this out. So her diet has now changed to eating 2 eggs a day (which she hasn’t eaten in over a year), 2 shots of a liquid iron supplement, a trail mix consisting of almonds, walnuts, raw pumpkin seeds, raisins, and apricots, a tsp of blackstrap molasses, and a whole lot of green leafy vegetables. We go back February 7 to get more blood work done to see if the numbers came up. Fingers crossed!!

January 26 is the big day!!! We find out the sex of the baby. So on the first page of the website make sure you weigh in on what you think the sex is. We will post a big revealing to let everyone know what we are having.

17 weeks

17 weeks

Things pregnancy has changed so far:

  • I am disgusted by Guacamole.
  • God forbid you chew with your mouth open in front of me…I may chew your face off.
  • I love sweets…worse than I did before.
  • I am going through coffee withdraw.
  • I wake up every night at 3am.